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About Us

TEKNOFORM was established in 2011 in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul gathering a team of experts who have the know-how, knowledge and experience of over 25 years on cold forging engineering and production.

Our production plant was installed on a surface of total 5500m2, 4500 m2 of which being enclosed and provides service with its state of the art production line and machinery.

In the Fasteners' Sector, we are seeking to become indispensable in the eyes of our customers with high quality, fast reaction and fast delivery; to grow and develop constantly following closely the technological developments; to manufacture with the newest and the most state of the art machinery; to meet our shareholders' needs providing all the resources that we require.

Our company's motto is ``Quality First`` and is based on solid foundations with ISO TS 16949 quality standards.

We have the ability to become a world wide known company with our works to synchronise with automotive industry and the automotive supply industry, to support R&D works with new projects, to improve the existing products.

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Discover the art of cold forging!

Our Values


• We plan and implement all of our works in accordance with the moral, ethical, honest, transparent and legal values for our shareholders.

• Customer satisfaction is always a priority for us.

• We success with our employees. We support our employees' personal and professional development, encourage their participation and reward their achievements.

• Focus quality is the most important success factor for a sustainable growth and an augmentation of its value.

• Care for the environment is an important issue in our works to leave a clean world for tomorrow. For that purpose we use environmental friendly technologies.